Steve's Frisco style Chopper

A mate of mine Steve from virginia Beach has owned this awesome frisco style chop for a year now and it's a trip back in time, man. Steve's a cool bloke and like core motorheads the world over, turns his own wrenches.

Steve's bike started off as a winter project in 2007. He got the bike in an even trade for his 1966 Ford Hot Rod before stripping it and giving the chop a complete makeover.

It all started with a bowleg 53 panhead frame. Steve rebuilt the healthy 74 cube shovelhead motor and topped it off with an old school SU carb and Pan rocker covers. The project received painstaking brand new in the frame wiring as well. Notice the invader rims? Straight out of the 70's man....

A traditional chrome springer front end, big dogbone risers with Z bars and old ford headlight complete the front end. His chop also got a new tank and the rear fender is a trailer part, exactly like they used to build 'em.

The paint is something else. Steve's chop is painted in spanish candy gold metalflake with metalflake candy root beer brown inset panels,

A tooled leather solo seat fits really nice too. Looking downwards we have a new rear sprotor (sprocket/rotor assy) and its the only brake on the bike. She's got a suicide clutch mated to a hardcore 4 speed tranny with jockey shift. She's fast, loud and mean and a flat out blast to ride. Steve has currently got a 94 cube kit in his shed waiting to be installed.


Handlebars: Z bars

Risers: Chrome 9" dogbones

Pegs / Grips / Shift peg: Chrome spikes

Mirrors: We don't need no steenkin mirrors

Front End: Chrome springer

Wheels: 70's Invader mags

Engine: 74" Shovel

Carb: SU

Airfilter: Chrome sports

Mufflers: You are kidding right?

Frame: '53 Pan Bowleg

Rear Guard: Trailer

Tail light: 34 Ford

Indicators: Nope

Derby Cover: Chopper Daves

Cam Cover: HD

Seat: Custom upholstered and tooled leather Solo

Dash: What Dash?

Paint: Spanish candy gold metalflake with metalflake candy root beer brown inset panels

Future Plans: 94 cube engine kit

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